Trademarks and Logos

I have developed marks, logos, and symbols for many brands over my career. Stylistically and conceptually they vary, especially through the years, but I stick to a few primary design principles that reflect my ideology. I always attempt to produce a mark that feels representative of a brand by extracting the brand’s essential meaning and most important aspects. It’s also important to me to create a proper balance of positive and negative space so that both rely on one another. Clean distinct lines, a harmonious relationship of shapes, and a memorable, impactful design are always the goals of my branding work.


Client Miscellaneous
Category Branding, Logo, and Identity design


FinTech South

A global exchange of insights, innovations and trends that takes place at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.


The Vine

Annual wine tasting and auction benefiting STEM education and workforce development to connect students to STEM careers.


The Summit

Georgia's Largest Technology Showcase, engaging C-level executives, entrepreneurs and academic leaders from around the world on the global trends that are sparking and disrupting the tech community.


Retro Rides Gathering

A festival of vintage and classic cars in Worcestershire, UK.


FinTech Atlanta

Fuels the efforts to expand businesses and jobs across the FinTech ecosystem in metro Atlanta and the state of Georgia.


Thomas Menna

Creative copywriter, content creator, communications specialist .


Geek Rush

Technology Association of Georgia’s sponsored fun-run in support of the TAG education collaborative and STEM education.


One Chart

An internal information and data collecting system for the healthcare professionals of Northside Hospital.


Future Champions Program

A non-profit organization built to financially assist children who show an interest in competitive tennis as a pastime.


Marc August

Digital Content Producer, Videographer, Director.


Harry’s Continental Kitchens

An award-winning restaurant in Longboat Key, Florida offering flavorful food, fine wines, gourmet deli items, take-out, and catering.



An event that brings together global influencers in the emerging tech workforce culture, while keeping companies globally competitive and creating the next generation that will drive Georgia’s economy.